The privately owned Hardie Pacific was founded by Duncan Hardie in New Zealand in the 1970s.

Since that time, Hardie Pacific has diversified via investments in industrial, commercial and residential property development; land rezoning; biodiversity offsets; oil and gas exploration; mining and resource investment, and more recently in the health and bio sectors.

The focus of the Hardie Pacific lies in four areas: land, minerals, petroleum and bio-tech.

About Us

Hardie Pacific has over 45 years experience in the property sector and has earned a reputation for consistently delivering quality. As a complement to the property portfolio and a diversification of investments, the group, via New Zealand based Hardie Resources, has Pacific investments in oil and gas, gold, minerals and the bio-tech sectors.

Since the 1980s, Hardie Pacific has focussed on delivering industrial, commercial and residential land parcels of the highest standard in regional NSW, particularly in the Hunter Region. During the last 10 years, Hardie Pacific has made a foray into energy and resources.


The buoyant NSW land sales continue, and we are likely to have sold our entire land stock by mid-year. We have no intention of re-entering this market at today's prices.

Our Smyler's gold project in Otago, NZ is gaining momentum, with conventional exploration continuing and being supplemented in the first quarter by both E-Scan and Hyperspectral surveys over the areas with the highest prospectivity. PNG exploration results, particularly copper, continue to encourage.

Diverse modern investments including bio-tech re-engineering natural technologies; geomicrobiology based on NZ's thermal waters; a NYC web based search platform set to disrupt the recruitment industry; as well as other tech start-ups and emerging technologies will be the main focus this year.


Hardie Pacific's developments at Hunter Highlands, Rosehill and Wallaroo are complete and delivering quality lifestyle blocks of a minimum one acre in size to a range of owner/occupiers, investors and first home buyers.

This unprecedented land boom freed up investment capital that was utilised for investments in bio-tech and re-engineering natural technologies, as well as a web based recruitment platform that has the potential to disrupt established business sectors.


2016 signaled a year of massive change for Hardie Pacific with the sale of Sweetwater Wines and its flagship head office, the heritage listed 106 King Street, Sydney. Hardie Pacific had owned these sites for over 20 years, and developed each of them to an exceptional level of detail that is being enjoyed by the new owners. The remaining few subdivision sites were developed into quality home subdivisions, some with house and land packages. These sites have been supplemented by further recent development acquisitions in the mid Hunter. This left the group well placed to continue to supply quality home sites through 2017 and early into 2018. The resource investments were focused on petroleum, gold and rear earth minerals, and an office in the Solomon Islands was established. The group made a foray into bio-tech after a chance discovery in the Solomon Islands.


This period saw Hardie Pacific complement its property portfolio with investment into the resources sector. The majority of land holdings were sold, leaving only several key residential subdivisions with development approval ready for construction and sale.

During this time, the Hardie Resources assets in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands became a stronger focus of the group. With interests in areas as diverse as oil and gas, coal, gold, potash, garnets and pharmaceuticals the activities of Hardie Pacific are becoming more diversified.


During 2005, Hardie Energy was formed to reflect the business' move into energy and energy-related infrastructure including oil and gas exploration 2005 also saw the creation of subsidiary Biodiversity Land Pty Limited, the first dedicated biodiversity land company in NSW.

The move was in response to the growing public awareness for protection of the environment. In 2008 and 2009 Hardie Energy become involved in numerous energy and resources projects throughout Australia which led to Duncan Hardie, and others forming Apollo Gas, along with a number of other resource ventures.


In 2000, Duncan resigned from the Board of the Goodman Hardie Industrial Property Trust, when it merged with Macquarie Bank, forming Macquarie Goodman Industrial Property Trust. ASX Listed Macquarie Goodman became a major international player in the Industrial Property sector.

At this time Duncan Hardie focused his expertise on a private land portfolio and continued to expand his industrial, commercial and residential land holdings in regional NSW, and in particular the Hunter Valley. In 2001, Hardie Pacific further diversified the portfolio by purchasing its first biodiversity land.


1995 saw the Goodman Hardie Industrial Property Trust (GHIPT) raise over $28 million in public floats and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange with $73 million of industrial property assets. Over the next 5 years the Trust grew to $500 million of assets.

In 1999 Goodman Hardie took over British based Capcount Property Trust for $275 million becoming one of Australia's largest industrial property trusts. Prior to this, Hardie Pacific had acquired its first land, forming the basis of its future land bank.


In 1986, Hardie Pacific founder Duncan Hardie acquired his first three industrial properties in Sydney and invited the Goodman family to co-invest in the venture. Together they established Goodman Hardie Pty Ltd, a private industrial trust that acquired and developed industrial assets into the 1990s.


Active refurbishment of existing residential and industrial property throughout central New Zealand cities. As the group expanded, we were conscious that if we were to venture across the Tasman Sea to Sydney, the market was not only much larger, but also had much more opportunity.


Over the last 45 years, Hardie Pacific has held interests in Industrial, Commercial and Residential land and property. Today the focus is on the supply of Hunter Valley lifestyle home sites with extensive tree plantings, quality fencing and eco-friendly utilities in great locations.

Our reputation and extensive experience ensures buyer confidence.


Our aim is to identify commercial deposits with sufficient scale to appeal to international investors and operators.

Hardie Pacific has been actively involved in mineral exploration for over 40 years. It was granted its first gold exploration licence in 1979 and currently holds permits in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.


PNG and Solomon Islands are part of a large island arc that extends as far west as Indonesia.

Current oil and gas production is mainly from carbonate reef deposits in Saluwati Basin Indonesia and Eastern PNG Basins.

Hardie Pacific is investigating similar carbonate reef structures within the Solomon Islands EEZ.

This significant offshore area is contained within 466,000 km2 granted approval in August 2017 under Petroleum Prospecting Licence PPL01/17, being the first offshore licence granted by the Solomon Islands Government.


Hardie Pacific entered the bio-tech space after a chance opportunity in the Solomon Islands, and with the growing Western awareness of the importance of natural products, is adding to the existing pool of knowledge to develop mainstream natural remedies.


Hardie Health Limited is a joint venture with Malaita Island landholders and the Ferrier Research Institute of Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Research is underway focussing on the development of therapeutic compounds, which are extracted from plants of the Solomon Islands.

Ferrier Research Institute scientists, Professor Richard Furneaux and Assoc. Professor Peter Northcote, head the team that are experts in complex synthetic organic and analytical chemistry, working to bring better drugs, materials and technology to the world.


Hardie Pacific has partnered with the University of Sydney in the exploration of immuno-suppressive peptides. The research is headed by Professor Richard Payne, who graduated from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand in 2002. In 2003, he was awarded a Gates Scholarship to undertake his PhD at the University of Cambridge and in 2008, Richard moved to the University of Sydney, where he is currently a Professor of Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology within the School of Chemistry. In 2016, Richard was awarded the Malcolm McIntosh Prime Minister's Prize for Physical Scientist of the Year, for his work on revolutionary drug development technologies.

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