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Biodiversity Land Pty Ltd, a Hardie Pacific subsidiary, has been at the forefront of Biodiversity Conservation in New South Wales since 2005. Our portfolio of sites are strategically located adjacent to either State or National Parks within the Hunter, Western, Central and Gunnedah regions and have been used as biodiversity offset sites for major projects in NSW. Over the years we have purchased, assessed some 18,000 ha. We currently have two sites available for sale.

Our properties have been assessed with regard to their conservation values. The results of which establish that they do provide habitat for various endangered ecological communities and threatened species. The properties have gained, in principle, support from the Government Authorities as suitable offset lands or Stewardship sites to provide biodiversity credits for most development types in NSW, whether mining, land development, infrastructure or residential.

During 2022 our ecologists have prepared draft Biodiversity Stewardship Site Assessment Reports for our remaining sites at Mount Mallumla and Goonama. Applications have been made to apply for a Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement, and ecology work is underway to finalise the  Biodiversity Stewardship Site Assessment Reports and Management Action Plans for approval with the NSW Government Credit Supply Taskforce. (CST).

On 5 November 2022, the Newcastle Herald published an article regarding our Biodiversity projects. Link Here.

Current biodiversity sites are:

Mount Mallumla, located in Singleton LGA, consist of 866ha, within 11 titles. The property is strategically located adjacent to the Barrington Tops and Mount Royal National Parks.  These adjoining National Parks having a history of Koala activity, our site was destocked at settlement and management works undertaken to encourage the expansion of Koala habitat. Recent surveys have seen the benefits of our works with Koala activity increasing on our site. 🐨 Recording of koalas on this property.

Ecologically the site Comprises of high quality remnant forest vegetation predominantly consisting of over 700ha of Sydney Blue Gum.  The vegetation offers a wide range of habitats for numerous fauna species that call the property home and is highly suitable Koala habitat.  Species on the property that have been recorded consist of Koalas, Glossy Black Cockatoo, Spotted Tail Quoll, Greter Glider, Powerful Owl, Masked Owl, Sooty Owl and Squirral Gliders.

View maps here

Goonama, located in Narrabri LGA, consists of 2,570ha, within 8 titles. The property is strategically located adjacent to the Pilliga State Conservation Area.

Ecologically the site contains predominantly Pilliga Box Woodland, Ironbark and Red Gum.  The vegetation community support a wide variety of flora and fauna species, both threatened and non threatened.  Species likely to occur on the property include Koalas, Superb Parrot, Glossy Black Cockatoo, Squirrel Gliders, Pygmy and other endangered species.

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Full ecological reports available on request.

For more information on biodiversity land or credits for sale, please contact Jamie on +61 448 882 757.

Here is a link to more images from our two sites.