Our commitment is to biotech research and the on-going transformation of health and well-being.

We see opportunities in this sector, where medical innovation and biomedical technologies are causing a complete reset of how and what services and treatments are provided, particularly in areas such as preventative medicines and inflammatory diseases. Decisions, relationships, products and technologies being considered today are going to reshape marketplace. The Hardie Health Group is working hard to ensure that it is involved in some of the successes in this field.




Proteios Pty Ltd

Proteios Pty Ltd, in conjunction with the University of Sydney, are conducting three separate research projects. The most advanced of the these is research into harnessing peptides for therapy to control inflammatory diseases. Initial research has identified a peptide (RP.23) with immune-suppressive and anti-inflammatory properties. Further testing and research continues with a provisional patent lodged.

We are proud of our partnership with the University of Sydney which includes the Payne Research Group. Their research focuses on utilising the power of organic chemistry, and developing new synthetic methods, to address problems of biochemical and medicinal significance. Our scientific team includes Professor Richard Payne, Professor Scott Byrne, Dr Anneliese Ashhurst and Dr Dan Ford.


Medical Kiwi Limited

Hardie Health our joint venture with the Malaita Island landholders from the Solomon Islands and the Ferrier Research Institute of Victoria University of Wellington, has recently been acquired 100% by Medical Kiwi Limited, a NZ based medicinal cannabis and health focussed company. Medical Kiwi is helping to change the way the world delivers health outcomes, bringing their products and expertise to the global market. The alignment between Medical Kiwi and Hardie Health’s vision meant an easy decision to combine the two companies. Medical Kiwi will continue the Hardie Health work on the local plant species  with known traditional medicinal qualities.  Our novel compound, Balaenone, from one of these plants currently has patent applications pending in 8 countries.

In celebrating this merger, we are pleased that the Malaita Island landholders will continue their involvement and we acknowledge the on-going work that Professor Richard Furneaux, Associate Professor Peter Northcote and Dr Jonathon Singh from the Ferrier Research Institute, have delivered. The Ferrier Research Institute have world class expertise in natural products chemistry, a branch of organic chemistry that relates to the isolation and characterisation of chemical entities found in nature. Duncan, the Founder and Director of Hardie Pacific has joined the Board of Directors of Medical Kiwi.