Hardie Pacific has 50 years’ experience in the New Zealand and Australian property sectors. During this time and complementing the property portfolio, the group has made regional pacific investments in energy, minerals, biotech and tech.

Our Vision

This is the most exciting time in the history of innovation. Advances in technology have created opportunities at an ever-increasing velocity in medicine, energy, communications and beyond.

Technological advances require energy, rare earth minerals, copper and strategic minerals. Our interests reflect that need, bringing together the innovators, the financiers, and the necessary experience to ensure that these dreams and opportunities become realities.

We are proud of our partnerships with both the University of Sydney and Victoria University and other key players in the on-going transformation of health and well-being. Together we are cultivating change, funding biomedical research, and developing our own anti-inflammatory therapeutics and preventative medicine.

Our projects must meet our high standards of social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and our commitment to transition to the low carbon world.

Our History

Duncan Hardie, the Founder and Director of Hardie Pacific’s early successes with property development in New Zealand allowed a scaled continuation in Australia, with Goodman Hardie becoming a major world player in industrial property.

2005 marked the creation of subsidiary company Biodiversity Land Pty Ltd, the first dedicated biodiversity land company in NSW. The move was in response to the growing public awareness for protection of the environment.

The period 2010 – 2015 saw Hardie Pacific complement its property portfolio with investment into the resources sector.

The significance of biodiversity and the importance of sustainability provided a natural broadening of the group’s base.

In 2017, forays into biotech were made with research into plants with known natural remedy qualities, along with harnessing peptide-based therapy to control inflammatory diseases. Partnering with international universities, both projects are adding to known science.

The same year also saw passive interests in several New York based tech start-ups signalling a new era of investment for Hardie Pacific.

Our investment record of over fifty years demonstrates our ability to see and act on early potential.