Hardie Pacific is proud to be a part of the transition to the low carbon revolution. Our key interests are in rare earth minerals, strategic minerals, copper, and garnet,  all being vital to clean and modern technology, industry, and the lessening of our environmental footprint.

Our aim is to identify commercial deposits with sufficient scale to appeal to international investors.


Beyond its more traditional uses, the use of copper is central to both the development of batteries, microelectronics, including EV circuitry and other green technologies, and the strategies of Hardie Pacific.

Rare Earth Minerals

These minerals are critical for clean energy, numerous green technologies and the development of microelectronics, batteries, and polishing compounds. Their value is both financial and strategic.

Australasia has significant rare earth resources, and we believe that these sites can assist in ensuring that Hardie Pacific contributes directly towards global production, thus providing some strategic independence for the region.

In New Zealand we are closely aligned with NZIMMR and in Australia, we work with several of the Queensland Government Collaborative Exploration Initiative (CEI) Schemes.


Garnet is a cleaner and healthier option for abrasive blasting and water jet cutting, replacing the traditional silicon-based material. It will play a pivotal role in the green technology advances moving forward. Our garnet deposits in South Westland, New Zealand contain larger sized stones used for water filtration plants and for which there is a strong global demand.

Westland Mineral Sands Limited

Hardie Pacific is the largest shareholder in this Company, holding permits in Westland, New Zealand, containing in excess of 50m tonnes of heavy mineral concentrate (HMC), which include garnets, ilmenite, and rare earths. WMSL is committed to the re-opening of the Buller River Port at Westport, to allow for the bulk export of HMC to the world markets.