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Hardie Pacific is proud to be a part of the transition to the low carbon revolution. Our key interests are in rare earth minerals, strategic minerals, copper, ilmenite and garnet,  all being vital to clean and modern technology, industry, and the lessening of our environmental footprint.

Our aim is to identify commercial deposits with sufficient scale to appeal to international investors.



Curwon Pty Ltd is a Queensland registered dedicated copper exploration company, privately owned by Hardie Pacific’s Director Duncan Hardie and Michael Thirnbeck. The four permits are concentrated within the catchment of the Coleman River in Far North Queensland. The Curwon prospect was first drilled in the early 1990’s, with medium-grade shows. Little subsequent exploration has occurred until the last two years following Curwon’s permitting. In 2022 we flew Airmag over the site, with encouraging results.


Munuku Pty Ltd is a Queensland registered mineral exploration comany with the same ownership as Curwon Pty Ltd. Munuku has ten exploration permits, with emphasis on copper, gold, rare earths and critical minerals. The permits are accessible via the Cape York Peninsula Development Road in Far North Queensland. Munuku’s portfolio totals over 200,000 hectares. Our recent activity includes on-going field work, airmag surveys and reporting.

New Zealand

Sands and Aggregate

Westland Mineral Sands

Hardie Pacific is the largest shareholder in this Company, holding permits in Westland, New Zealand, containing in excess of 50 m tonnes of heavy mineral concentrate (HMC), which include garnets, ilmenite, and rare earths. WMSL has re-opened of both the Buller River Port at Westport and the Grey River Port, to allow for the bulk export of HMC to the world markets. A Wet Concentrator Plant (WCP) is now operating 24 hours a day, with regular export shipments of HMC to the world markets.

Papahua Aggregate

Papahaua Resources Ltd holds a 459 Ha exploration permit 20 km north of Westport. The target rock of interest within the exploration permit includes alluvial hard rock and alluvial diorites, originating from within the Britannia pluton. An initial exploration target of 232,000 m2 of in situ hard rock and alluvial diorite has been mapped within the exploration permit area.

Grey Gravels

Grey Gavels Ltd hold a potential site for regional bulk storage of mineral sands, aggregate and armour rock all within 3.5 km of Greymouth Port. A freehold 160 ha property has been purchased which sits adjacent to the large-scale Fulton Hogan Gravel processing site. There is also the potential for river extraction along dry riverbed of the Grey River.


Smylers Gold

The Smylers Gold Pty Ltd project is located in Central Otago. Through detailed surface mapping, geochemical sampling, and 16,000 m of drilling, we have extended the known Hyde-Macraes Shear Zone 5km eastwards towards Palmerston, within our licence area (EP60389). The c.10 million-ounce Hyde-Macraes Shear Zone hosts the Macraes Mine, New Zealand’s largest producing gold mine. Recent work has revealed multiple gold-bearing shear structures that display characteristic Macraes gold and tungsten mineralisation across two key prospects.

Rocky Gold

Rocky Gold holds three permits under license with a total area of 31.35 km2 within a historic alluvial gold district. Multiple targets have been identified through recent drilling within Rocky Mining Ltd (RML) licensed areas. 320,000 oz or approximately 9 tones of gold ay 208 mg/m3 were recovered between 1930 and 1950 within the RML Rimu Channel license. There is a single, pro-mining landowner over the entire permit area.